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Auto glass is becoming a major part of the structural integrity of the vehicle. As car manufacturers strive to make vehicles lighter to meet mpg requirement, auto glass has become a large factor in reducing weight and steel. The windshield is now responsible for up to 60% of the vehicles structural integrity. So now day's it is not just the fact of the windshield might leak if someone does a poor job , but the window might not hold up the roof or the passenger airbag might blow it out altogether in the event of an accident. Doing glass for a long time makes a difference, but being certified on new vehicles has become a necessity. You would think twice about having a stereo guy wire in your air bag, and your auto glass replacement is even more important than that. We advise all customers to check out their auto glass shop and make sure that they are certified.

A crack can weaken the structural integrity of a car's windshield putting the safety of the driver and passengers at risk in the event of an accident. We recommend having rock chips repaired ASAP for the best results, and to keep them from spreading into a full broken windshield. Safeview Auto Glass Inc. follows AGRSS (Automotive Glass Repair Safety Standards) and dealer suggested process for replacing windshields and auto glass replacement.

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